A Fantasy/Sci-Fi Course on Coursera!

Attention all Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans and writers! I learned there is a course coming up in June called, Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World. This looks quite interesting. The start date is 3 June 2013. The course is 11 weeks long. I just signed up. Maybe you will join me in this adventure? This MOOC thing is becoming irresistible. I just need to make sure I don’t enroll in more than I can handle at one time.



2 thoughts on “A Fantasy/Sci-Fi Course on Coursera!

  1. MOOC, indeed. I have managed to sign up to several courses that run parallel. Even though they tell you the workload per course will be up to six hours a week, it is not true. Instead I have spend 16 hours in some cases to manage with the minimal (that is watching the videos and doing the assignments). Also the quality is very different. Rhetorics course is actually one of the best ones I have experienced so far because the team is very active from the beginning and has a nice open attitude.
    By the way did you know that Ivan Illich wrote about peer to peer learning in webs already back in seventies? I was reading his book “Deschooling Society” and found a whole chapter on learning webs. The book came out in 1971.

    • I am finding the same thing Evelin, that I am putting in more hours with the courses than is stated in the description. This is not such a bad thing really, as I like the amount of study I am engaging in. However, I will definitely keep this in mind as I enroll in other courses. As it is right now, I am in Rhetorical Composing (as you know, my sister-student). I have also enrolled in two other writing classes that start this month. And now, the Fantasy/Science Fiction course that will begin in June. I’ll just have to see how it goes. If it becomes too much at once, I will have to decide which course to drop. But I’m hoping I can stay in all of them. If not, I will re-enroll when they come back around.

      I did not know about Illich’s work. I will look for his book. I feel it would be interesting to compare his insights from 1971 to what is actually happening today. Thanks for the recommendation!

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