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Those following this blog know that I am currently enrolled in the Rhetorical Composing MOOC from Ohio State University. As part of our most recent assignment, we were asked to choose an issue of social concern that is meaningful to us and create a form of ‘visual rhetoric’ about the topic. Some folks made posters, others made postcards, I decided to try my hand at a sideshow-type video. This is the first time I have ever done so. Due to potential copyright issues I will not be sharing the specific video here. However, I really enjoyed the experience and it has got me thinking about venturing into further exploration of creating videos made for public release. I’m not talking about professional Hollywood movies are anything like that, more along the lines of a YouTube video series. For the recent project I used Windows Live Movie Maker as it was already installed on my computer. That said, I am looking for a more robust video editor. I am OK with some complexity as my technical knowledge is intermediate to advanced. I don’t write code (with the exception of HTML, some PHP and some XML) but I do have a background in IT–technical support for eCommerce, software support, some web development and design, etc.

A question to my readers…anyone out there making videos? If so, what software do you use? I am on a Windows system and looking for a freeware and/or open source video editor. For audio editing I am learning Audacity. I am also shopping around for a decent webcam as the only one I have is the built-in cam on my laptop, which is really lousy in terms of quality. So, recommendations on webcams are welcomed as well.


2 thoughts on “Video Editing Software?

  1. Hi William! The best free video editing software I used is VideoPad Video Editor. It’s very user-friendly. If you can afford having Adobe Premiere CS6 or Sony Vegas Pro 10, that would be better (cracks are availble šŸ˜‰ ). Also, Vegas Pro can be used as an audio-editing software. I actually prefer editing audio in Vegas than in Audacity.

    • Hi Ker,

      Thank you for commenting here, and for sharing the suggestions for video editing software. I have downloaded VideoPad and am checking it out now. Hope all is well with you and that you have made it through the busy election time? Thanks again.

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