And the Most Excellent History of English Podcast is…

This looks like a wonderful series. Reblogging from my friend Cary who offers an excellent review.

Cary's Blog

…The History of English Podcast. Before you snicker at the obviousness of the name, note that it’s not just the first podcast about the history of the English language, as far as I know it’s the only one. Of course, neither being first nor being the only is a guarantee of being good. However, I am here to assure it is an excellent podcast.

Before I get to the excellent parts, let me dispense with the only two things that might turn off some people – although I personally appreciate them both. First, the host, Kevin Stroud, does repeat some key points. In the reviews of this podcast on iTunes a few people disliked this, finding it tedious at times. I appreciate it though, since it helps me remember the points.

Second, it’s in (deliciously) excruciating detail. He starts off with the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European and wends his way forward in…

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5 thoughts on “And the Most Excellent History of English Podcast is…

  1. Looks cool. I mean, thanks!

    I have a couple other spiffy podcasts I plan to review as well. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 😉

    • This looks great, and I loved your review. You answered a lot of the questions I would want to know before investing time in a podcast series. This one is now definitely on the top of my list. I am interested in the detailed history and so forth that you mention as being part of this podcast.

      I have a rather large collection of podcasts in mp3. I should put together a list of titles and send them to you privately to see if you have an interest in any of them. I can share via dropbox or some other method. Most of them are history – religious and otherwise. Let me know if you have any interest and if so I will compile a list for you to check out.

      • It’s good to know you liked the points I focused on, I’ll stick with them for future reviews.

        I’d definitely like to see the list of what you have, but no rush. I have plenty queued up already, so whenever you get around to it is fine. I’d love to find some podcasts of histories of Asian countries areas in English, those seem to be few and far between.

      • I should mention that I did find one Chinese History podcast, but it’s more like topics in Chinese history and not presented in any particular order. I’d like to get something more sequential since I have a feeling I’d be pretty lost jumping around in Chinese history because I’m pretty unfamiliar with it.

  2. I’ll compile a list for you Cary. I don’t think I have any podcasts in the collection that are specifically about Asian culture, with the exception of many dharma talks about Tibetan Buddhism. I do, though, have a documentary on the history of China. I’ll check the info on it, it has been several years since I’ve watched it. Once I have a list compiled, I’ll let you know.

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