Bleed the Page – Writers Group

I started an online writers group, called “Bleed the Page”.  Here is the original feeler I put out:

Are there any writers on my friends list that would be interested in participating in an informal online writers group? I’m particularly interested in fiction writers, though non-fiction might be fine as well. No poetry (sorry, while I do love good poetry, that’s a whole different thing). I’d like it to be geared towards novels (genre fiction and literary both welcome), short-stories, and perhaps even screenplays. I’ve written off and on my entire life, but never really got serious about it. I’ve been getting serious about it, and would love to be able to have a space to share tips back and forth, critique each other’s work, help source beta readers, and encourage one another. I’m not interested in a Facebook group. I’m thinking more old school, like an email list. Putting the feelers out.

I did get a response. At present (6 August 2017) there are 7 members, including myself. We have only just begun. Our first activity (suggested by another member) is a 30 day writing challenge. We are keeping it simple to start. The challenge is to write at least 100 words a day, consistently for 30 days (you can write more, but not less), and to post what we write to the group each day . The writing doesn’t have to be on any particular theme. It can be anything from character sketches, to story content,  to plot development, to backstory, to free writing or other related exercises. The idea is to cultivate a regular writing practice.

We are currently using Google Groups as an email list. If you are interested in joining the group, send me a message with your preferred email address, and I can add you. As the above feeler post mentions, the group is geared towards fiction writers.



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