WP Themes and Mixed Metaphors

I know, it might be petty, but I am so indecisive about which theme to use for this blog. The first one I was using was Misty Lake. The layout was perfect, the way the text flowed, the border spacing, etc., EXCEPT…the ‘misty’ feature was starting to get on my nerves. If you haven’t used that theme before, what happens is all of the side menus–as well as the sections of the post that show the categories and tags–are blurred and fuzzy until you hover your mouse pointer over them. Hence, “misty”. That was interesting…for about three days. Then I started to feel like cataracts were forming over my eyes! No offense to the designers of that theme, or to anyone else that happens to use it.

I can be really picky when it comes to themes. Each one I’ve tested have aspects about it I really like and aspects about it I don’t. I should just learn how to code and make one myself. Perhaps…one day. Right now I am testing out Sundance. Looks good so far, but don’t be surprised if I change my mind a few times before I finally settle on one.

This is my “Site is Under Construction” notice. Please bear with me. Thanks for your patience. Don’t forget your hardhat. Read the fine print. The revolution will not be televised (oh wait…that doesn’t really fit the metaphor, but what the hell, Gil Scott Heron was awesome! Enjoy the hold music).